Ommatidia in the ESA’s StarTiger Initiative: Advancing Space Robotics

by | Apr 26, 2023 | News

The world of space technology is constantly advancing, and the European Space Agency (ESA) has taken a bold step forward with its StarTiger project and Ommatidia is part of this StarTiger initiative. At this time, the initiative, which kicked off last month in Toulouse, aims to demonstrate the complete Manufacturing & Assembly, Integration, Tests & Verification chain of a Space Robotic Factory in just six months.

This is an ambitious goal that requires the collaboration of various industrial and academic research entities from six different nationalities. The StarTiger initiative brings together four industrial entities, two academic research laboratories, and the ESA Agency to work together on this project. The team will be collocated in the Airbus incubation laboratory, which is equipped with space and non-space technologies. The lab is outfitted with 3D printers for Metal and CFRP-TP, robotic manipulators, and perception capabilities with cameras and 3D LIDAR. These advanced technologies will enable the team to develop and test space robots that can perform manufacturing and assembly tasks in space.

One of the major challenges facing the team is the limited time frame of just six months to demonstrate the complete manufacturing process of a space robot. However, the team is confident in their abilities and has already started working diligently to achieve their goal.

In addition, the StarTiger initiative is a great example of how collaboration between various entities can bring about significant advancements in technology. Some participating entities are Airbus Defence and Space, Ommatidia LIDAR, 9T Labs, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Cranfield University, and the European Space Agency (ESA).

All of the sudden, the StarTiger initiative also highlights the importance of keeping focused on long-term goals despite the challenges that may arise. It is a reminder that ambitious goals can be achieved through collaboration, dedication, and hard work.

In conclusion, Ommatidia is part of the StarTiger initiative and is a remarkable example of how a multidisciplinary team can come together to achieve a common goal in a limited time frame. Nevertheless, the initiative represents a major step forward in the development of space robotics and will undoubtedly inspire future advancements in this field.

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