Ommatidia LiDAR is supporting next generation ESA missions through a novel metrology instrument for in-orbit characterization of large deployable reflectors (LDRs).


With no moving parts, lightweight and offering an accuracy down to 10µm at distances of up to 20m, Ommatidia’s technology is ideal for recovering the shape of next generation large reflectors working at short wavelength bands, either with Earth observation or telecommunication purposes.

Key advantages

Unparalleled distance accuracy (10µm at 20m).

Large number of sampled points in orbit.

Free of moving parts.

Small bandwidth use.

Metrology grade calibration with compensation of thermal effects.

In parallel to these development efforts within ESA’s program, Ommatidia offers solutions for ground metrology of LDRs and other satellite structures on the basis of its Q Series of products, where significantly denser point clouds are obtained with the same accuracy.
These instruments remove the need for long sessions with photogrammetry or hand scanners, minimising measurement time and cost.

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