Ommatidia LiDAR Unveils Q1 System for Structural Health Monitoring at EVACES 2023

by | Sep 13, 2023 | News

The stage was set, and the excitement is palpable as Ommatidia LiDAR prepares to kick off EVACES 2023. This event is hosted at the Università Politecnica di Milano, where Ommatidia LiDAR could be found on the second floor of the Architecture Building, occupying booths 19 and 20.

EVACES 2023 promised to be a hub of innovation and technology. Attendees could expected an extraordinary live demonstration of the Q1 system, a revolutionary development in the field of structural health monitoring.

Unveiling the Q1 System: An option for Structural Health Monitoring

The highlight of Ommatidia LiDAR’s presence at EVACES 2023 is undoubtedly the live demo of their Q1 system. This technology is set to compement the way we monitor and assess the health of structures. Whether it’s bridges, buildings, or other critical infrastructure, the Q1 system offers a comprehensive solution.

During the live demonstration, attendees could buckled up and witness the Q1 system in action. This real-time showcase illustrated the system’s unparalleled benefits in structural health monitoring, highlighting its capabilities in detecting and analyzing even the most subtle changes in structural integrity.

Engage with the Experts & Join the Wave of Innovation

At Ommatidia LiDAR’s booths, attendees were encouraged to engage with the company’s team of experts.  Many questions curious about the technical aspects or potential applications. Ommatidia LiDAR’s experts were on hand provid in detailed insights and guidance.

EVACES 2023 were more than just an event; it was a platform for innovation, collaboration, and networking. Ommatidia LiDAR invited professionals in the field or a curious newcomer.

This remarkable journey with Ommatidia LiDAR and the Q1 system lasted until Friday, September 1st. 


As EVACES 2023 unfolded at the Università Politecnica di Milano, Ommatidia LiDAR stands ready to make a significant impact with the introduction of the Q1 system. The live demonstration was a captivating display of innovation and potential applications in structural health monitoring. With their team of experts on-site to address inquiries and provide valuable insights, Ommatidia LiDAR invited all attendees to be a part of this exciting journey.

For those fortunate enough to attend the Resonance Conference, visiting Ommatidia LiDAR’s booth at SURVISHNO 2023 was a highlight. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions with the team of experts from Ommatidia, exchanging ideas, exploring potential collaborations, and gaining deeper insights into the intricate workings of the Q1 solution. The interactions sparked conversations that could potentially shape the future of LiDAR technology..