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Industrial Metrology

Ommatidia LiDAR’s 3D-Lightfield sensor allows unparalleled optical 3D metrology performance in a compact and convenient format.

With raw point clouds of more than 1 million points and excellent ranging accuracy at distances up to 50m, it can be applied to quality control in the production of large parts, to the 3D reconstruction of legacy structures and to predictive maintenance.

Thanks to the available imaging Doppler vibrometer module, it is possible to visualize and analyze the dynamic behavior of machines and infrastructure without the need for expensive instrumentation campaigns.


Key advantages

Unparalleled distance accuracy.

Large number of sampled points (up to 10M per scan).

Imaging vibrometry module.

Metrology-grade calibration with compensation of thermal and atmospheric effects.

IP54 packaging for field and outdoor work.

Convenient data studio for point-cloud analysis, visualization and conversion.

Fully automated, fast acquisition: Up to 20000 points/sec.

A GPS option allows for geotagging functionality and support aggregation of measurements collected at different locations.

Ommatidia Atelier is a complete solution to visualize and manage the data obtained with the company’s 3D metrology products.

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