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A bee's compound eye has 5000 ommatidia. Using them, it is able to fly at driving speed with sufficient accuracy to avoid predators and land on a tiny flower miles away from its hive. Our technology mimics bees to deliver extraordinary LIDAR performance.

Unprecedented Resolution

For the first time, a LIDAR system with an image quality matching that of a camera (MPix).

Long Range

Our sensors are sensitive to a single photon, providing a range that extends to the limits of physics.

Reliable, Compact & Inexpensive

Our sensors are manufactured using standard technologies that do not need complex optics or assembly steps.

Inherently Eye-Safe

Our ability to illuminate the scene continuously without scanning allows for a major increase in the number of photons available while retaining unconditional eye safety.

We are an experienced group of entrepreneurs, scientists and business leaders passionate about improving the world through technology.
Grégory Pandraud

Grégory Pandraud

VP of Research

Grégory is an international expert with more than 20 years experience in optical devices. Prior to joining Ommatidia-Lidar, Grégory was process development manager and assistant professor at the Technical University of Delft (the Netherlands). Before joining TU Delft, Grégory was with Bookham Technology ltd (U.K) and later with Opsitech SA (France) as senior design manager. He received a Ph.D. in optics and optoelectronics from the University of Saint Etienne (France).

Jose Luis Rubio

Jose Luis Rubio

VP of Software & AI

Jose Luis has more than 15 years experience in advanced imaging algorithms for photonics-based systems. Founder and former CTO of MedLumics, he is co-inventor of the first fully integrated optical coherence tomography platform, with applications in dermatology and cardiology. José Luis holds a PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and received the MIT prize for Innovators under 35.

Eduardo Margallo

Eduardo Margallo


Eduardo has over 10 years experience in the launch and management of photonics technology companies. Co-founder and former CEO and COO of MedLumics S.L., he led the company through two rounds of VC financing (€3.5M and €34M) and the market launch of a class II medical device. Eduardo holds M.Sc. level degrees in Telecommunication Eng. from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, in Electrical Eng. from the University of Stuttgart and in Physics from UNED. He also has a PhD in Photonics from Delft University of Technology and an MBA from IE Business School and Brown University.

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