Ommatidia’s 3D Light Field Sensor combines continuous flood illumination with single-photon sensitivity. This allows many more photons to be emitted and detected, providing unprecedented range and high resolution simultaneously.

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Q1 – Long-range 3D imaging with metrology accuracy

With the ease of use and acquisition speed of a laser scanner and the accuracy of a laser tracker.
128 Channels | 10µm target accuracy | 50m range

Discover Our Technology

A bee’s compound eye has 5000 ommatidia. Using them, it is able to fly at driving speed with sufficient accuracy to avoid predators and land on a tiny flower miles away from its hive. Our technology mimics bees to deliver extraordinary LIDAR performance.

Unprecedented Resolution

For the first time, a LIDAR system with an image quality matching that of a camera (MPix).


Long Range

Our sensors are sensitive to a single photon, providing a range that extends to the limits of physics.


Reliable, Compact & Inexpensive

Our sensors are manufactured using standard technologies that do not need complex optics or assembly steps.

Inherently Eye-Safe

Our ability to illuminate the scene continuously without scanning allows for a major increase in the number of photons available while retaining unconditional eye safety.

We Support Your Industry


Ommatidia’s fully solid-state 3D technology can be used for accurate measurement of large complex geometries in orbit. Obtain distance maps and velocity information for guidance navigation and control (GNC) with low mass, volume and power consumption.

Industrial Metrology

Evaluate complex geometries and capture accurate and rich 3D point clouds with our products, enabling fast in-line quality control and adjustment of production lines.

Process Control

Obtain 3D data in real time to support accurate digital models in manufacturing, logistics and transport.

Construction And Civil Engineering

Recover high-quality static and dynamic data about large structures with our Q series of products.


Obtain information about turbine, blade & tower geometry on-site for maintenance and servicing purposes.

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