Ommatidia LIDAR obtains NEOTEC funding

por | Nov 14, 2019 | News

Ommatidia LIDAR’s DILIESAR project has been selected by CDTI (Centre for Industrial and Technological Development) for €250k grant funding as part of its 2019 NEOTEC program. 

A competitive program with less than 30% acceptance rate, NEOTEC’s approval attests to the potential of the company’s technology roadmap and business plan. Supported by these funds, Ommatidia LIDAR will accelerate the development of its technology from January 2020, with the goal of accessing the automotive and other industrial markets in subsequent years.

Ommatidia LIDAR is a recently founded startup focused on improving the resolution and range of 3D cameras, while reducing their cost and weight. Based on a bio-inspired proprietary technology, the company’s innovation is expected to contribute significantly to the progress and safety of autonomous driving vehicles, among other applications.

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