Ommatidia in Measuring By Light 2023

by | Apr 13, 2023 | News

A leading provider of Laser Radar technology solutions, Ommatidia LiDAR, participated at the Measuring By Light conference in Delft this year. The company was excited to showcase its cutting-edge solutions to potential customers and industry peers at the event.

Then, at the Ommatidia LiDAR booth, attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the company’s innovative Laser Radar technology. A team of experts were available to answer any questions attendees might have about the solutions, and chat about their potential applications in various industries.

In addition, Gregory Pandraud, one of the company’s top experts in the field of Laser Radar technology, spoke at the conference. With extensive experience in the industry, Gregory’s talk was informative and insightful. His presentation served as a representation of Ommatidia LiDAR’s expertise in the industry.

Furthermore, Ommatidia LiDAR hosted a workshop session to showcase the capabilities of their Q1 Laser Radar system and its application in vibrometry. The Q1 Laser Radar is a state-of-the-art technology that offers exceptional accuracy (<0.1mm) in dimensional metrology, while also being capable of dynamic measurements on 128 points simultaneously, up to a distance of over 40m. This demonstration was an eye-opener for attendees, whether they were seasoned Laser Radar users or beginners, as the Q1’s capabilities are truly impressive.

All of the sudden, the company was looking forward to meeting attendees at the Measuring By Light conference in Delft and showcasing their innovative Laser Radar technology solutions. Ommatidia LiDAR was confident that attendees had been impressed with what they had to offer and encouraged them to visit their booth.

Finally, the successful conclusion of the Measuring By Light 2023 event has proven to be an excellent opportunity for Ommatidia LiDAR to showcase their Q1 Parallel Laser Radar. The equipment’s innovative technology has enabled the company to achieve unparalleled accuracy and precision in the fields of metrology and vibrometry. The demonstrations offered valuable insights into the equipment’s capabilities and its potential benefits in various industries.

The Ommatidia LiDAR team is grateful for attendees’ interest in their technology and their presence at the event. They hope that attendees found the demonstrations informative and engaging and are looking forward to seeing them again at next year’s event.

For those fortunate enough to attend the Resonance Conference, visiting Ommatidia LiDAR’s booth at SURVISHNO 2023 was a highlight. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions with the team of experts from Ommatidia, exchanging ideas, exploring potential collaborations, and gaining deeper insights into the intricate workings of the Q1 solution. The interactions sparked conversations that could potentially shape the future of LiDAR technology..