Ommatidia will be part of the AGRARSENSE project

by | Mar 23, 2023 | News

The AGRARSENSE project, which has officially begun, is a significant step forward in the field of automation in forestry and agriculture. The use of Ommatidia’s advanced LiDAR solution is expected to bring significant improvements in safety and efficiency in various automated activities such as planting, harvesting, and crop monitoring. By allowing dynamic 3D imaging in harsh environments, Ommatidia’s technology will enable a new level of precision and accuracy in these activities.

Given these points, the kick-off meeting was attended by several key figures in the industry, including the company’s VP of Research, Gregory Pandraud, who emphasised the importance of automation for the future of agriculture. He stated that the use of LiDAR technology will bring a new level of precision and accuracy in automated activities, which is crucial for the success of the project.

Above all, the project team is thrilled to be a part of this innovative project and is looking forward to the positive impact it will have on the industry. The use of advanced technology will bring new opportunities for growth and development in the primary sector.

Certainly, bringing LiDAR to forestry and agriculture can help reduce the impact of human activities on the environment by allowing for more precise and sustainable resource management. For example, in forestry, LiDAR can be used to assess the impact of logging on the ecosystem and to plan sustainable harvesting practices. LiDAR can also be used to improve safety in the primary sector, by providing real-time information on dangerous areas, such as steep slopes or bodies of water.

Overall, the use of LiDAR in the primary sector has the potential to contribute to a more efficient, sustainable, and safe use of natural resources. We expect that AGRARSENSE will hence lead to improved livelihoods for people working in these industries, as well as a better quality of life for communities that depend on them.

For those fortunate enough to attend the Resonance Conference, visiting Ommatidia LiDAR’s booth at SURVISHNO 2023 was a highlight. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions with the team of experts from Ommatidia, exchanging ideas, exploring potential collaborations, and gaining deeper insights into the intricate workings of the Q1 solution. The interactions sparked conversations that could potentially shape the future of LiDAR technology..